The Brooch.

The Brooch.  So much more than just a pin........


The brooch (pronounced “broach”) is making a strong comeback, and we at TVL couldn’t be more excited.  Brooches are popping up everywhere, even in the top designer’s latest collections.  Functional, yet elegant or whimsical, the brooch is an incredibly versatile piece of jewelry.  Add shine to a lapel, scarf, or any outfit…..or even wear as a hair accent in a classic chignon! 


So which brooch is right for you?  That’s the cool thing…..there are no trends when it comes to brooches.  Whether it catches your eye because of its beauty, or because you know it will be a conversation piece, that is the right brooch for you. 


So dig ‘em out of your jewelry box if you have ‘em……it’s time to let them shine.  And if you don’t have any, let’s get started on your collection.  Because collecting brooches is great fun.  They can be worn, but also displayed.  Afterall, why hide these beauties?!


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